WordPress security is crucial for every website owner. The easiest way to secure a WordPress site is to protect its login page. Loginizer is the solution to protect a login page from bruteforce. More than 0.7 million WordPress users are actively using this plugin to keep their sites secure.

It is a WordPress plugin which limits wrong login attempts by recognizing users IP. It lets you choose maximum allowable login attempts from an IP. If the maximum number achieved then Loginizer will block that IP from accessing login. It will also show all the blacklisted IPs in the plugin’s Bruteforce settings. You can also allow any IP that is safe by whitelisting that IP.

Below is the view of Loginizer bruteforce settings to give an idea that how it works.

Loginizer Bruteforce Settings

Plugin Features

  • Blocks IP after maximum retries allowed
  • Extended Lockout after maximum lockouts allowed
  • Email notification to admin after max lockouts
  • Blacklist IP/IP range
  • Whitelist IP/IP range
  • Check logs of failed attempts

Although with Pro version of Loginizer, you will get more features like PasswordLess Login, Two Factor Auth via Email, Two Factor Auth via App, Login Challenge Question, reCAPTCHA, Rename WP-Admin URL, Rename Login with Secrecy and much more.